Meet Kelsey

Meet Kelsey

I grew up as tomboy. My favorite color was blue, and I was more likely to be making mud pies than practicing my makeup skills. So, when I started planning my own wedding to my college sweetheart, I felt like I was behind before I even started! Since then, I have made up for lost time. Now, I love watching brides get dressed up and star in their very own fairy tale love stories!

Part math nerd and part artist, I love to listen to wedding day dreams and help calculate the timeline and logistics to make it happen. Most clients describe me as organized, professional, cool and collected, and easy to work with. I love being an extra guest on wedding days  because it allows me to get a glimpse into my clients’ lives and meet their close family and friends, as well as provide them with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Most weekends you’ll find me shooting weddings, camping with my family in our RV, taking a spur of the moment excursion, or serving at my church. You might even find me out in the backyard teaching Emerson how to make mud pies! 

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